Our inspiration is Oulipo, a group of writers and mathematicians who invent games as challenges to each other. Raymond Queneau, a prolific French writer, described this ensemble as:

“Rats who construct the labyrinth from which they plan to escape.”


Create a maze.
Find your way out using words we reveal.

Create sentences and stories from the titles of books!


Build sentences and stories from words we reveal.

Our writers will each contribute sentences and words to our “well.”

You may bid on each sentence or word.

Auctions last for 24 hours.

Winning bidder owns the word/sentence.

Using any of these words or sentences as building blocks, you can write stories (or poems, or?)

You can auction your completed story or poem. 

DAO can then vote on which stories/poems will belong to a collection.

The collection will go up for bid.

Tangible Art

If you wish, you can purchase a unique piece of tangible art along with your the NFT you buy from the well.

This art can be:

  • An engraved steel block, about the size of a brick.
  • An engraved pendant
  • An engraved stone block
  • A ___ made from recycled ocean plastic.